Outdated, bigoted, judgemental, irrelevant. These are just some of the negative ways in which people perceive Christianity today.

But that’s not our experience. Hope Community Church is a small group of people who meet together in the heart of London. We have a confident faith in Jesus Christ, and the very nature of the Christian message means that we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.

However, we’re not naive enough to think that our message is easy to accept. First, you need a clear picture of what Christian faith involves. Then you need a personal conviction that this faith is true. And there are serious obstacles in the way.

For one thing, we have found that misleading stereotypes and misunderstandings about Christianity are common. Then there are plenty of reasonable questions about Christian faith which demand an answer.

So this blog is for anyone who wants to find out more about what Christianity is really like and/or who is willing to test their own ideas and beliefs against the message of Jesus Christ. We want to give a clear expression of what Christian faith means today, and we want to encourage you to think through some of the assumptions which are often made in response to it.

Primarily, we hope our neighbours in the West End will take a look but, of course, every reader is welcome!

We can’t hide our desire to persuade you to share our faith in Jesus Christ. However, you may be surprised to learn that we are passionate believers in freedom of conscience. Ultimately, each of us has individual responsibility for the views we hold and we must be free to come to our own conclusions. So if you would like to respond, whatever your views, please do. You can contact us here.

One more point. Christian faith is controversial in today’s society. The Christian message itself has always been offensive to some, and we can’t apologise for the content because we believe it to be true. But if you find the way we present the message is offensive, please let us know.


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