Someone to believe in

We live in a world where people are looking for leaders.

Here in London, a mayoral election is due in May. Across the Atlantic, Americans are wondering who they will have to choose from in the next presidential campaign. Whatever the outcomes, few will expect to be entirely satisfied with the successful candidates.

Outside the world of politics, there are various alternatives, from the past as well as the present. Artists, philosophers, visionaries who seem to articulate a way of looking at the world that offers, if not hope, at least understanding.

It is strange how those who set the intellectual agenda today largely overlook the claims of Jesus Christ. His powerful and very personal message has significantly changed the lives of millions.They have discovered that he can be trusted completely, that he really is someone to believe in.

Over the next few weeks we are going to explore more of the life and teachings of Jesus, looking at the gospel of Matthew. You are very welcome to join us – details here.

Sunday 31 January: What is the essence of faith?
(See Matthew 8:1-17)

Sunday 7 February: no service

Sunday 14 February: ‘Why do I find it so hard to believe?’
(Matthew 8:18-34)

Sunday 21 February: Has Jesus come to call you?
(See Matthew 9:1-13)

Sunday 28 February: How does Jesus challenge the old order?
(See Matthew 9:14-34)

Sunday 6 March: no service

Sunday 13 March: How will you respond to Jesus’ mission?
(See Matthew 9:35-10:15)

Sunday 20 March: Dealing with death, part 1
(See John 11:1-44)

Sunday 27 March: Dealing with death, part 2
(See John 20)